The Starlink Hardware Kit: Everything You Need to Know

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and one of the latest innovations to hit the market is Starlink hardware kit. With this kit, users can enjoy high-speed internet access from anywhere. But what exactly does the kit include?

In this article, we will explore the contents of the Starlink hardware kit and why it is important to know what you are getting when you purchase it. So, if you are considering investing in Starlink hardware kit, keep reading to learn more about what you can expect to receive.

starlink hardware kits and its equipments
Starlink Hardware Kit
Starlink dish
Starlink Antenna/Dish

Starlink’s hardware kit includes a phased array antenna, commonly called a dish. The dish has a rectangular design with a flat and smooth face. This is the second version of the Starlink dish, with the original version being round and named ‘Dishy McFlatFace’.

The dimensions of the dish are 20.25 inches by 12 inches, with the mast that connects the dish to the mounting base measuring 10.75 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. The dish is motorized, which enables it to aim toward the satellites.

The Starlink dish is a vital component of the hardware kit and plays a crucial role in receiving the internet signal. The design and size of the dish make it easy to mount and maintain, while the motorized feature ensures that the dish is accurately directed toward the satellites at all times.

Mounting Base

Mounting Base
Starlink Mounting Base

Starlink provides a mounting base and a hardware kit, allowing customers to install the dish conveniently. The mounting base is included in the kit and serves as a temporary solution for residential users, while RV users can use it as a portable option. The total footprint of the base measures 22 inches by 13 inches, and it has mounting holes on each of the four legs. The dish mast slides into the opening of the base and locks in place with a spring-loaded tab.

However, it’s worth noting that the Starlink dish mast must be within five degrees of vertical. Therefore, better options may be than using the included mounting base on a pitched roof. 

Customers can check out the Starlink Mounting Options guide for ideas on permanent mounting options, which provides a comprehensive guide to official and DIY mounts.

Wifi Router and AC Power Cable

Wifi Router and AC Power Cable
Wifi Router and AC Power Cable

Starlink’s hardware kit also includes a wifi router to connect the user’s devices to the internet. The router connects to the Starlink dish via a cable and provides wifi coverage to the surrounding area. The router’s compact dimensions make it easy to fit into any indoor space. It’s important to note that the router is not waterproof for indoor use only.

In addition to the router, the kit includes an AC power cable to power both the dish and the router. For users who plan to use the kit in an RV or other mobile setting, a DC power supply is also available for purchase. The DC power supply allows users to power the dish and router using the RV’s battery, providing an excellent solution for those who travel frequently.

Ethernet Adapter

ethernet adapter
Starlink Ethernet Adapter

The Starlink kit comes with a wifi router to connect devices, but a separate Ethernet adapter is available for users who require a more stable and faster connection. This adapter allows for a wired connection to the router, ensuring a more reliable and speedy internet experience.

Unlike the other components in the Starlink hardware kit, the Ethernet Adapter is not included and must be purchased separately. It can be ordered through the Starlink website or purchased through third-party retailers.

The Ethernet Adapter offers several advantages over a wireless connection. It provides a more secure connection and is not subject to interference or dropouts from other devices. It also offers faster speeds, which can be crucial for online gaming or large file transfers. Overall, the Ethernet Adapter is important for users who require a stable and speedy internet connection.

75 ft. Starlink Cable
Starlink Cable

The Starlink hardware kit includes a 75 ft. long cable to connect the dish and the router. This cable is designed to provide a reliable and fast connection between the two components, ensuring users get the best possible performance from their Starlink system.

The cable is long enough to allow for flexible placement of the dish and router, giving users greater freedom to choose the optimal location for their equipment. However, it is important to note that the cable is proprietary and cannot be replaced with a standard Ethernet cable.

During installation, the cable is routed from the dish to the router, with special attention paid to ensure that it is not bent or kinked. This is important to maintain the connection’s quality and prevent performance degradation.

Overall, the inclusion of the 75 ft. Starlink cable in the hardware kit provides users a reliable and convenient way to connect their Starlink dish and router, ensuring they can enjoy fast and consistent internet speeds.


In conclusion, the Starlink hardware kit contains all the essential components to set up a Starlink internet connection. The kit includes a Starlink antenna/dish, mounting base, wifi router, AC power cable, Ethernet adapter, and a 75ft Starlink cable. Each component has its unique features and specifications, which can be used to determine the suitability of the kit for a user’s needs. It is important to consider the kit’s contents before purchasing to ensure it meets the user’s requirements. Starlink offers other accessories, such as a Starlink tripod and a Starlink power bank, that users can consider to enhance their experience.

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