Starlink RV Case Guide – Official And Aftermarket Options

Are you a proud Starlink RV owner and concerned about protecting it? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll explore the world of Starlink RV protective cases, both official and aftermarket options. According to recent statistics, RV ownership has surged in the past year, and with more people hitting the road, it’s essential to keep your investment safe. So, if you’re wondering what options are available and how to make an informed decision, this guide is for you. Let’s dive in!

Do I Really Need A Case?

Starlink rv case

If you’re one of the many Starlink RV users, you must know how critical it is to protect your valuable equipment during transport and storage. The need for a protective case becomes even more critical given the fragile nature of Starlink hardware and the expensive purchase price. The last thing you want is to damage or lose the equipment due to inadequate protection.

Therefore, investing in a sturdy, tough case for your Starlink RV system is highly recommended. While some argue it’s unnecessary, the long-term benefits of having a reliable case far outweigh the initial investment. Not only does it provide peace of mind during transportation, but it also ensures that your equipment remains safe and secure during storage.

In the next section, we will discuss the options available for official and aftermarket Starlink RV cases to help you make an informed decision.

official Starlink rv case

The Official Starlink Travel Case is a great option for those who want a high-quality and durable case specifically designed for Starlink RV. This case is available at the Starlink Shop and is designed to protect your Starlink hardware during transport and storage.

The case features a hard plastic shell exterior that can withstand bumps and impacts and a zippered compartment that keeps everything in place. It also has backpack straps and handles for easy carrying. However, it’s important to note that this case is only compatible with the rectangular Starlink dish, not the original round dish. This is a great option to consider if you have a rectangular dish.

After considering the official Starlink Travel Case, it’s worth exploring the range of aftermarket cases available for the Starlink RV. The Pelican 1610 Case and the Nanuk 945 Waterproof Hard Case are popular and compatible options, both available on Amazon.

The Pelican 1610 Case features a watertight, crushproof, and dustproof design, and its interior is customizable with foam inserts. It also has wheels and an extendable handle for easy transport. The Nanuk 945 Waterproof Hard Case is also durable, with a hard exterior shell and a waterproof seal. It has customizable foam inserts and can be carried by hand or with an optional shoulder strap.

It’s important to note that many other aftermarket cases are available, so be sure to research and compare features before deciding.

Pelican 1610 Case

Pelican 1610 Case starlink rv case

The Pelican 1610 Case is a top-of-the-line option for those who want maximum protection for their Starlink dish during transport and storage. Its Polypropylene shell provides a high level of durability, and its watertight quality ensures that the dish stays dry even in harsh weather conditions.

One of the main advantages of the Pelican 1610 Case is its portability. It features handles, wheels for easy transportation, and foam inserts for a custom fit that protects the dish from any bumps or jostles while moving. However, it is worth noting that this case requires a DIY approach compared to the official Starlink case.

Overall, we recommend the Pelican 1610 Case for its value and quality. This case is an excellent investment if you want the best protection for your Starlink dish.

Nanuk 945 Waterproof Hard Case

Nanuk 945 Waterproof Hard starlink rv Case

If you’re on a budget and looking for an affordable option, the Nanuk 945 Waterproof Hard Case is great for protecting your Starlink dish. The impact-resistant shell and waterproof feature make it reliable for transporting and storing equipment. However, the case does not come with wheels and may require a bit more effort to move around. The Nanuk 945 does include cubed foam, allowing for a custom fit to your equipment. 

The Nanuk 945 is a solid alternative to the Pelican 1610 Case, with a lower price tag and many of the same protective features.

Budget/DIY Option: Storage Container With Foam

Storage Container With Foam for starlink rv

Consider the DIY route if you want a budget-friendly solution to protect your Starlink dish. Instead of investing in a pricier Starlink RV case or one of the aftermarket options, you can create a good e case using a storage container and foam. The CX 17-Gallon Tough Storage Container and Feldherr FS100R-Bundle foam can be purchased for under $100, providing good protection for your Starlink dish during transport and storage.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are tradeoffs with this option. The storage container and foam may not be as impact-resistant or tough as the higher-end cases like the Pelican 1610 or Nanuk 945. However, if you want to save money and don’t need the utmost protection, the storage container and foam can be a great option.

Super High-End: Zarges USA Shuttle Case

Zarges USA Shuttle Case for Starlink RV

The Zarges USA Shuttle Case is the ultimate Starlink RV case option for those who demand the highest level of protection and durability. This case is made with all-metal construction and features a Starlink-specific foam storage system that perfectly fits the dish and its components. The case also includes lockable latches and heavy-duty carrying handles for easy transport.

Zarges USA offers a range of accessories for the Shuttle Case, such as a dolly or bamboo top, for customization. Although it is the most expensive option on the market, the Zarges USA Shuttle Case is the go-to choice for those who need to protect their Starlink dish in the most demanding environments.


In conclusion, protecting your Starlink dish during transport and storage is crucial, especially given the $599 hardware investment. Investing in a protective case is essential to avoid unnecessary frustration and expense in the future.

This guide has presented various options for different budgets and needs, from the official Starlink Travel Case to aftermarket options like Pelican 1610 Case and Nanuk 945 Waterproof Hard Case. DIY enthusiasts can also create a protective case by combining a storage tote with cubed foam. At the same time, those in demanding environments may want to consider the premium Zarges USA Shuttle Case. Overall, this guide offers a range of options for recreational users traveling to remote areas and ensures that your Starlink dish stays protected while on the go.

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