Starlink Opens Up Orders For Starlink Business

Have you ever considered using satellite internet for your business needs? If so, you might be interested in the latest news from Starlink. Starlink has just launched its new service tier, Starlink Business, specifically designed for commercial users who require more bandwidth and support than their residential counterparts. With speeds roughly double those of the standard Starlink tier, this new option is perfect for businesses needing reliable and fast internet connectivity.

But before you rush to place your order, there’s one crucial detail to consider. Are you willing to invest in improved speeds and support? And are you prepared the wait for the hardware to be upgraded?

In this article, we will take a closer look at the launch of Starlink Business and what it means for business owners considering satellite internet.

No New Hardware for Business Orders

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Starlink has started sending out emails to business customers who made a deposit, letting them know they can proceed to purchase their Business hardware kit. However, there’s a catch. 

Instead of receiving the larger rectangular Business dish, these customers will receive the original round Starlink dish hardware kit. Starlink promises to upgrade these customers to the new Business dish at no cost when it releases in Q3 2022. The FCC approval process is the main reason for the delay in releasing the Business-class hardware. Starlink can start selling the new rectangular dish once it is approved.

So, for now, business customers must make do with the original round dish hardware. But even though the hardware is not the upgraded version, the round dish is capable of virtually the same level of performance, according to updates on Starlink’s website.

Mount Issues

Going for Starlink Business is an excellent move for commercial users who need more bandwidth and support, but there is a minor issue with the dish mounts. The mounts for the circular Starlink dish you’ll receive as a business customer are incompatible with the new, upgraded dish. If you proceed with the circular dish now, you’ll need to repurchase mounts when the Business dish is released later in Q3 2022.

While the Business dish upgrade is free, the added cost of mounting it might be a setback. However, it might be worth the investment if you require the extra bandwidth and support the Business tier provides. Just be aware that you’ll need to purchase new mounts to use the upgraded dish.

It’s impressive that the circular dish included with Starlink Business orders is just as capable as the upgraded version set to release. Starlink has updated its website to reflect this, ensuring business customers know the hardware capabilities they will receive. The performance levels are virtually the same, so users can expect to experience similar speeds and reliability with the circular dish as with the upgraded version. This information is readily available on for anyone interested in learning more about the hardware’s capabilities.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the world of satellite internet, Starlink is making a significant impact. Their latest announcement of the Starlink Business service tier has many people talking, and for a good reason. The original round dish’s speeds are impressive, but it’s clear that Starlink intends to make customers pay for those high speeds. The standard hardware will likely improve once the satellite constellation is fully deployed, but as more satellites are added, we can expect to see improvements in reliability and coverage.

Starlink’s pricing structure effectively throttles speeds based on the amount you pay to access its network. This may not be ideal for some, but it indicates how the company views the value of its service. Whether you’re a residential user or a commercial customer, you’ll surely appreciate the impressive speeds and level of support Starlink offers.

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