Starlink Dimensions – Dish And Mast Measurements

Imagine you’ve finally received your Starlink internet kit, you’re all set to install it, and you’re excited to get the best internet experience. However, have you considered measuring the kit’s dish, mast, and mounting base? A Starlink installation requires measurement accuracy, and a slight error could negatively impact your internet connection.

According to a recent survey, 30% of users faced issues with their Starlink installation due to inaccurate measurements.

In this article, we’ll address the importance of having accurate measurements for a Starlink installation and provide the most commonly requested dimensions for the current Starlink hardware kit, including the Starlink dish, mounting base, router, and cable. Let’s dive in and ensure you’re well-prepared to install your Starlink kit with the right measurements!

Starlink Rectangular Dish Dimensions

The Starlink dish antenna is a crucial component of the Starlink system. Measuring 20.25 inches long by 12.0 inches wide, it is a rectangular-shaped dish that can receive and transmit internet signals from low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. The dish’s dimensions are important when planning and designing a custom mount for the dish installation. The precise measurements ensure the dish is pointed in the right direction, ensuring the signal is strong and stable. 

Additionally, having the exact measurements for the dish can be helpful when planning the dish’s location to receive optimal signal strength.

Mast Dimensions

Starlink dish mast measures 10.75 inches
starlink mast inside and outside diameter dimension

From where it goes into the dish, the Starlink dish mast measures 10.75 inches in length. The outside diameter of the mast insert, which is the narrower part that inserts into the base, is 1.34 inches, while the outside diameter of the mast is 1.5 inches. These dimensions make Starlink ideal for use with aftermarket J-mounts.

Mounting Base Dimension

starlink Mounting Base Dimension
starlink Mounting hole spacing center to center dimensions

The Starlink mounting base’s footprint measures 22.0 inches by 12 7/8 inches and stands 4.75 inches tall. The spacing for the mounting holes is 21.5 inches on the long side and 12.25 inches on the shorter side, measured from center to center. The mounting holes are oblong with dimensions of 0.60 inches tall and 0.26 inches wide, making them perfect for fitting a 1/4 inch or M6 screw/bolt.

starlink mount hole diameter

Additionally, the inside diameter of the mounting base mast opening measures 1.35 inches. These measurements are essential when building a custom mount for your Starlink hardware.

Cable Dimensions

starlink Cable Dimensions

The cable is a crucial component of a Starlink installation and requires proper handling to ensure reliable connectivity. The dish side connector has a maximum diameter of 0.60 inches and should be considered when drilling a hole through a wall.

A 3/4 inch drill bit or spade bit is recommended for this task. Additionally, the cable has a diameter of 0.27 inches, which is relatively small and easy to manage during installation. Proper cable management is essential to avoid cable damage and ensure the installation looks neat and professional. Users can successfully install and maintain their Starlink connections with these measurements and recommendations.

Router/Mesh Node Dimensions

Starlink Router Dimensions

Starlink’s router and mesh nodes measure 7.0 inches in width, 10.0 inches in height, and 2.5 inches in depth. These dimensions are essential for planning a custom mount or installation project. With accurate measurements, users can efficiently design and create mounts and setups, ensuring proper compatibility with the Starlink hardware kit. Knowing each component’s dimensions, including the router and mesh nodes, allows users to understand the space requirements for their installation project clearly.

Starlink shipping box

The Standard Starlink hardware kit shipping box is an important aspect of the overall package. It is necessary to know Starlink’s box dimensions and weight to ensure proper transportation and handling of the package. The dimensions of the box are 24 inches by 14.25 inches by 10.5 inches, and the weight of the box is 23.2 lbs. Knowing the weight and dimensions of the box is crucial for delivery companies and individuals to determine the appropriate vehicle or mode of transportation to use when transporting the Starlink hardware kit.


In conclusion, accurate measurements are crucial for a successful Starlink installation. The dimensions of the dish, mast, mounting base, cable, router/mesh nodes, and shipping box have been discussed in this article, and it’s important to keep them in mind during the installation process. The Starlink hardware kit comes with a variety of components, and each one has specific dimensions that must be taken into account. Paying close attention to these measurements ensures your Starlink installation is safe, effective, and reliable.

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