Starlink Adds Option For High Performance Dish

Starlink has recently made an exciting addition to its offer offerings for Residential customers. They now have the option to choose between two types of hardware: Standard or High Performance. While both dishes offer reliable connectivity, the High-Performance dish is specifically designed for power users requiring the highest reliability and Performance.

To fully understand the significance of this offering, it’s important to consider the impact that weather and satellite visibility can have on connectivity. The High Performance dish offers improved capabilities in both areas, making it a valuable investment for those living in areas with extreme weather conditions or obstructions.

In this post, we will explore the details of this new hardware option, including the cost, differences between Standard and High Performance, and who might benefit the most from choosing the High Performance dish. By the end of this post, you will clearly understand Starlink’s new offering and whether or not it is right for you.


Starlink is now offering its residential customers a new hardware option with a hefty price tag. The High Performance dish costs a whopping $2,500, compared to the Standard hardware option that is priced at $599. While the High Performance dish is significantly more expensive, it comes with advanced features designed to offer a better user experience. Let’s dive deeper into the differences between the two hardware options.

Differences Between Standard and High Performance

The High Performance hardware option is a significant upgrade over the Standard option, designed for power users needing the highest reliability, Performance, and features. The High Performance dish is larger than the Standard one, but the mast is still compatible with the Standard Starlink mounts. The High Performance hardware is also IP56 rated, which means it’s more water-resistant than the Standard hardware, and it has 35% more field of view. This means that it can see more satellites, and the signal will be more reliable.

Another major advantage of the High Performance hardware is its better Performance in extreme weather conditions. It has better snow melt capability, which is especially important for users who live in areas with heavy snowfall. It also has better rain performance and can operate in hot weather (>35 C, 95 F), which makes it more suitable for users in tropical or desert regions. However, it’s worth noting that the Residential speeds for both High Performance and Standard will be similar, and users need to upgrade to Business to experience faster speeds.

High Performance Speed

While High Performance is a more capable antenna with better weather resistance and the ability to see more of the sky, it does not offer faster speeds than Standard. It is important to note that High Performance is not a service upgrade but a hardware upgrade. Residential speeds for both High Performance and Standard will be similar. Customers must upgrade their service tier to Business to experience faster speeds.

The main benefit of the High Performance dish is the increased power and visibility. Essentially, users will be able to see more satellites, and their signal will be more reliable. Therefore, if a user’s situation demands better Performance in hot weather, more water resistance, or better rain performance, High Performance might be a good fit for them. However, it may not be a good value for most people, considering its cost of $2,500, especially for those who do not have specific needs for the improved features of the High Performance dish.

Upgrading Existing Dish

Existing Residential customers can upgrade to High Performance by creating a support ticket with Starlink. It’s an easy process that allows you to upgrade your hardware and take advantage of its benefits.

Suppose you’re an existing customer and are interested in upgrading your dish. In that case, you’ll need to reach out to Starlink through their support ticket system. Once you create a support ticket, you can discuss the upgrade options with their customer support team and proceed with the process.

Upgrading your dish to High Performance could be a great option if you live in polar regions or areas with obstructions you can’t eliminate. It will increase your satellite visibility, improve your signal reliability, and provide better Performance in harsh weather conditions. It’s worth noting that High Performance doesn’t offer faster speeds than Standard. However, it’s still a great investment for those who require more reliable connectivity.

Who Would Benefit From High Performance

Suppose you are looking to improve your internet connectivity with Starlink. You may have heard about the new High-Performance dish option in that case. However, the high cost of $2,500 may make you question whether it’s worth it. While it could be a better value for most people, there are certain situations where High Performance could be a good fit.

High Performance may be ideal for you if you live in a polar region or close to the equator. The increased satellite visibility and signal reliability can be a significant advantage in these areas. Additionally, suppose you have obstructions that can’t be eliminated, such as trees or buildings. In that case, the improved visibility can help you get a more reliable signal.

Overall, the main benefit of High Performance is its increased power and visibility. This more capable antenna can offer better Performance in harsh weather conditions and has better water resistance with its IP56 rating. However, it’s important to note that High Performance doesn’t offer faster speeds than Standard. Therefore, if you’re looking for faster speeds, you’ll need to upgrade to Starlink’s Business tier.

Existing Residential customers can also upgrade to High Performance by creating a support ticket with Starlink. Whether you choose Standard or High Performance, Starlink’s satellite internet service offers a new option for those who have struggled with traditional internet connections.


In conclusion, Starlink’s new High Performance dish option offers Residential customers a more advanced antenna with improved reliability and Performance. While the High Performance option comes at a much higher cost than the Standard option, it may be worthwhile for those living in regions with harsh weather conditions or obstructions that can’t be eliminated. It’s important to note that High Performance doesn’t offer faster internet speeds than the Standard option, it’s just a more capable antenna.

Existing Residential customers can upgrade to High Performance by creating a support ticket with Starlink. Before upgrading, customers should consider whether the higher cost is worth it for their specific situation. Overall, Starlink’s High Performance dish option is a welcome addition for those who need improved capabilities. It adds more flexibility and customization to the service.

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