How To Fix The Starlink Disconnected Error

Are you among the many people experiencing the frustrating “Starlink Disconnected” error when setting up your Starlink system? If so, you’re not alone. This error is the most common issue Starlink users encounter, especially those who have recently moved or adjusted their dish.

The error occurs when there is no communication between the router and the dish, usually due to a loose or disconnected cable. This issue can occur on both the newer rectangular dish and the older circular dish, with the connectors on the round dish being less prone to being loose or unplugged. In addition, a damaged cable or dish can also cause an error.

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This article will guide you through fixing the “Starlink Disconnected” error. We’ll cover the most common causes of the error and provide solutions to help you get your Starlink system running smoothly. So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to the “Starlink Disconnected” error, keep reading.

The Starlink Disconnected error is a common issue when setting up a Starlink system or adjusting the dish, particularly after a recent move. The error indicates a lack of communication between the router and the dish. The most common cause of this error is loose or disconnected cable connections, often on the Starlink dish side of the system. Sometimes, a damaged cable or dish can also trigger the error.

It’s worth noting that both rectangular and circular dishes can experience the Disconnected error, though the latter is less prone to unplugging or becoming loose. If you’re encountering a Disconnected error, knowing the underlying causes is crucial to fix the issue properly. 

When faced with the Starlink Disconnected error, there are several solutions that you can try to get your system up and running again. These solutions include:

  1. Check cable connections on both ends (dish and router): Ensure all cables are secure and tight on both ends. A loose or disconnected cable can cause the Starlink Disconnected error.
  2. Ensure the connector is fully seated up into the mast: Ensure that the connector is fully inserted and properly seated into the mast. This will ensure a secure connection.
  3. Try different angles to align the connector: If the connector is not aligned correctly, it can cause the Starlink Disconnected error. Try different angles to see if you can align the connector properly.
  4. Using a small piece of paper to prop up the connector: If the connector is loose, try using a small piece of paper to prop it up. This can help create a more secure connection.
  5. Power cycle the system: A simple power cycle can sometimes fix the error. Turn off the system, wait for a few minutes, and then turn it back on again.
  6. Check if the dish stays in the stowed position or moves up towards the sky: If the dish is not in the stowed position or pointing up towards the sky, it can cause the Starlink Disconnected error. Check the position of the dish and make sure it is correctly aligned.

By trying these solutions, you can troubleshoot the this error and get your system back up and running again.

Additional Troubleshooting Steps

  • Reset the router and Starlink hardware to their default settings
  • Update the firmware on the router and Starlink hardware
  • Checking for any known outages or maintenance work in the area
  • Adjust the satellite dish alignment using a satellite signal meter
  • Replace any damaged cables or connectors with new ones
  • Considering purchasing a Wi-Fi extender or booster if connectivity issues persist.

Contact Support

If the previous steps did not fix the Starlink Disconnected error, it might be necessary to contact support for further assistance. First, log in to the Starlink account and find the support section in the menu. From there, create an online support ticket by clicking the thumbs-down icon. In the ticket, describe the issue in detail and provide any relevant information, such as the error message received or troubleshooting steps attempted. A member of the Starlink support team will then respond to the ticket and work with the user to resolve the issue. It is important to note that response times may vary depending on the volume of support requests.


In conclusion, the Starlink Disconnected error can be caused by loose or damaged cable connections. It can be fixed by checking cable connections, ensuring the connector is fully seated, trying different angles to align the connector, using a small piece of paper to prop up the connector, power cycling the system, and checking if the dish stays in the stowed position. If none of these solutions work, additional troubleshooting steps can be taken, such as logging into the account and contacting support. However, readers are encouraged to try the solutions first before contacting support. Following these steps, users can fix the Starlink Disconnected error and enjoy a seamless internet experience.

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