How To Buy, Sell, And Transfer A Used Starlink

Have you ever considered purchasing a Starlink satellite internet service? With its comprehensive coverage and high-speed connection, it’s no surprise that many individuals opt for Starlink over traditional internet providers. But what happens when you no longer need your Starlink equipment? Instead of letting it gather dust, many users turn to online marketplaces like eBay and Facebook Marketplace to sell their used Starlink devices.

This post will guide you on buying, marketing, and transferring a used Starlink device to get the most out of your satellite internet service. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, we’ve covered you. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of Starlink!

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Starlink customers looking to upgrade their equipment may wonder if they can sell their used Starlink dishes. The good news is that they can. According to the Starlink Terms of Service, customers who have Residential, Business, RV, and Best Effort service plans can sell or transfer their hardware.

It is important to note that once a buyer has purchased the hardware, they own it and have the right to do what they wish. This means that the seller cannot restrict the buyer’s use of the equipment. However, buyers will still need to sign up for their service plan with Starlink to receive internet service.

So, suppose you’re a Starlink customer who wants to upgrade to newer equipment or wants to sell your equipment. In that case, you can do so confidently, knowing that you have the right to sell your equipment and that the buyer will own it once the transaction is complete.

If you are interested in purchasing a used Starlink dish, the good news is that it is possible. However, there are a few requirements that you and the seller must meet for the transaction to be successful.

Assuming that the seller is eligible to transfer ownership of their Starlink equipment, you can legally buy their dish and related hardware. The seller will need to remove the hardware from their account and provide you with the necessary equipment, including the dish, router, power supply, and other cables.

Once you have the hardware, you can purchase a Residential, Business, or RV service plan from Starlink, depending on your needs. It’s worth noting that the availability of Residential and Business plans may vary by location, so it’s essential to check the coverage map to see if Starlink is available in your area and what plans are offered.

Buying a used Starlink dish can be a cost-effective way to access high-speed satellite internet. Just be sure to do your due diligence when buying from a third-party seller and ensure all necessary equipment is included and in working order.

How To Buy, Sell, And Transfer A Used Starlink

Selling and transferring a Starlink kit involves a few essential steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide for sellers who want to transfer their Starlink dish to a buyer:

Writing down hardware information:

Before transferring a Starlink kit, you need to make sure you have all the necessary hardware information. Here are the three pieces of information you’ll need to write down:

  1. Device ID: The Device ID is a unique identifier for your Starlink dish. You can find it on the back of the dish or in the Starlink app. To find it in the app, go to “Settings,” then “About,” and then look for the Device ID.
  2. Dish Serial Number: The Dish Serial Number is another unique identifier for your Starlink dish. You can find it on the back of the dish or in the Starlink app. To find it in the app, go to “Settings,” then “About,” and then look for the Dish Serial Number.
  3. Terminal ID: The Terminal ID is a unique identifier for the Starlink modem that’s connected to your dish. You can find it in the Starlink app. To find it, go to “Settings,” then “About,” and then look for the Terminal ID.

Make sure to write down these three pieces of information and provide them to the buyer.

Canceling service:

Before transferring your Starlink kit, you must cancel your Starlink service. You can do this by contacting Starlink customer support. Make sure to tell them that you’re transferring your kit to a new owner.

Initiating transfer:

To initiate the transfer, you must contact Starlink customer support and provide them with the buyer’s information. Starlink will then reach out to the buyer and guide them through setting up their new Starlink service.

Getting hardware ready:

Once the transfer is initiated, you must prepare the hardware for the buyer. This involves packing the dish and modem and ensuring all the necessary cables and accessories are included. You should also wipe any personal data from the modem and reset it to its factory settings.

Communicating with the buyer:

It’s essential to communicate with the buyer throughout the transfer process and keep them informed of any updates. Ensure to provide them with the hardware information and any other relevant details, such as the date of the transfer and the expected delivery date.

Following these steps, you can transfer your Starlink kit to a new owner. It’s essential to make sure that all the necessary information is provided to the buyer and that the hardware is appropriately prepared for shipment.

Buying and activating a used Starlink dish can be a great way to get internet service in areas where traditional providers are unavailable. However, certain steps need to be followed to ensure a successful purchase and activation.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the seller must have already cancelled their service and transferred the hardware from their account before you can activate the kit. Once you have ensured this, the first step is to collect the Starlink ID numbers from the seller. This includes the Device ID, Dish Serial Number, and Terminal ID.

The next step is to head to and type your address in the text box. If you are trying to purchase RV or Business instead of a Residential, click on the service type in the menu you wish to order. Once on the landing page of your service, type in your address and click order Now.

If you are purchasing Residential or Business, the ability to transfer used equipment is based on availability in your region. If there is no capacity, you can only submit a $99 pre-order deposit. You won’t be able to transfer the used Starlink kit to a new Residential account. Instead, you can go back to the menu, select RV, and proceed to set up an RV account if you wish.

Once you have confirmed that you can proceed with the purchase, you must type the hardware ID into the order form. After hitting order Now, a new page will appear, with a checkbox for “I already have my Starlink”. Check the box, and enter in the Device ID or Terminal ID in the text box. Suppose you don’t see the checkbox for “I already have my Starlink”. In that case, it either means your area is at capacity for Residential or Business service at your address.

Finally, complete the rest of the order by filling out the contact and billing information sections. When everything is filled out, click Place Order. Upon completion of the order, your service will start immediately, and you’ll be billed every month until you cancel the service.

It’s important to note that you cannot transfer used equipment to an existing Starlink account. If you already have a pre-order or another service from Starlink, you must use a new email address and create a new account.


Can I cancel/reverse a transfer?

Once a transfer is completed, it cannot be canceled or reversed. It’s important to make sure you have all the necessary information and have communicated with the buyer/seller before initiating the transfer.

Yes, Starlink RV can be transferred if the seller meets the requirements and the buyer is eligible for RV service in their location.

The price of a used Starlink kit can vary depending on several factors such as the age and condition of the hardware, the level of demand in the buyer’s location, and the availability of new Starlink equipment in the area. Researching the market and comparing prices before buying or selling a used Starlink kit is recommended.

Does the warranty transfer over?

Yes, the warranty on the Starlink equipment is transferable to the new owner as long as the transfer is completed correctly. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of the warranty to ensure it is valid and to confirm the duration of the coverage.

Transferring a Starlink kit to a different country may not be possible due to restrictions and limitations in the new location. Checking with Starlink customer support for specific guidelines and requirements for transferring the equipment to a different country is recommended.


In conclusion, buying, selling, and transferring used Starlink hardware is possible. Still, there are important things to consider before making any transactions. It’s important to understand the terms and conditions of the Starlink service plan and ensure that you have all the necessary information, such as the Device ID, Dish Serial Number, and Terminal ID, before buying or selling used equipment.

For sellers, it’s essential to cancel your service and initiate the transfer process correctly to avoid any issues for the buyer. For buyers, collecting the necessary hardware information and ensuring that the seller has cancelled their service and transferred the hardware out of their account before activating the kit.

Additionally, it’s important to note that residential and business plan availability may vary by location and that used equipment cannot be transferred to an existing Starlink account.

Overall, suppose you’re interested in buying, selling, or transferring used Starlink hardware. In that case, it’s essential to proceed with caution and carefully follow the steps outlined in this guide. Doing so can ensure a smooth and successful transaction between the buyer and seller.

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